Executive Training

At JFConsult Group

We offer Bespoke development and training workshop style seminars for the enhancement of brand identity.


  • Did you know that you have a brand?
  • What is your Brand?
  • Have you struggled trying to fully harness it?


  • Do you struggle to stand-out in your industry?
  • Has the number of clients you attract plateaued?
  • How personal is your brand?

Corporate Institutions

  • Does your organisation emerge as the market leader in your industry?
  • Is your current success sustainable?
  • Do your staff understand their roles on the image they portray and how it influences public perception?

Charities & NGOs

  • What methods have you employed in a bid to grab attention?
  • Do you regularly review your approach to marketing?
  • Have you wondered how best to take advantage of the tools available to you?

Your Package Determines Your Worth

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