About Us

JFConsult Group

There are several problems that have existing solutions but aren’t being correctly utilised by the intended target audience because they aren’t ‘appealing enough’.

On the other hand, the solutions don’t yet exist and therefore, need to be newly manufactured fit for purpose.
We solve both problems by; excellently re-packaging preexisting solutions to the intended target audience and by innovatively prescribing solutions to unsolved problems.
 Our business is established on the paradigm that your brand is what ‘we’ make of it. That is; as primary, secondary or even tertiary stakeholders of your business, regardless of the industry you operate in, your brand is whatever perception ‘we’ have of it.
Our focus on what we like to call ‘Packaging’ is another way of recognising the importance of first impressions. At JFConsult Group, we care about how our solutions look, we care about our ‘packaging’ but most importantly, we care about Excellence.

Our Approach


Your values matter to us. In this stage, we review your current operations and assess how well they align with your core principles.


We then strip these processes to fine tune and improve where necessary.


Now the changes have been made, you can rest assured; the results will speak for themselves.

Why Choose Us

Brand is perception.

To enrich the average individual with the knowledge of ‘personal brand’ and the rewards that accrue as a result of complete ownership of one’s brand.

We will always value you regardless of the industry you operate in. With a ‘never say die’ attitude, we are committed to giving your company the best it deserves.

Future Ventures

As a Performance Improvement Consultancy, we currently only specialise in Brand Management. With time however, we hope to branch out into other key disciplines.

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