The Free Workbook for Start-Ups.

A message to start-ups or those with business plans hoping to start-up soon:  As your brand develops, there are several key elements to consider that will help to shape the direction and strategy of your start-ups’ communication plan.

This product aims to help you understand the processes involved in building up a brand and how that affects the manner in which your target audience interact with and demand your good(s) or service(s). At the end of this process, you will have touched on the Pre-requisites, People, Packaging and Psychology; four very essential, but often overlooked components that will help form the launch pad, from which your brand can intentionally grow.

Thorough in itself, ‘Discovery’ is filled with helpful tips and guidance points to help steer your thought processes. Once completed, it will also act as a reference point, keeping things grounded and focused as the brand develops.

If you are serious about an idea, and are passionate about developing your brand, this product is for you.

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