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Women go through a lot of challenges which are overlooked or generally just managed. Studies have shown that approximately 1 in 3 women between the ages of 18 and 34 have been sexually harassed at their places of work. Of the women said to have experienced sexual harassment, only 29% of them reported the incident(s).

Sexual Harassment is not the only issue women have to deal with. On any particular day, a woman can be faced with any of one such issues; how to appear strong but not unwelcoming, how to deal with outrageous societal beauty standards, how best to manage finances, how to innovate in male-dominated sectors, how to balance the time available daily between furthering career ambitions and family etc.

The problem with a lot of preexisting solutions to the major unspoken issues women have to deal with, is that, they aren’t appealing enough. Sometimes, all that is required is the right environment with the right people and right food to ‘get the juices flowing’.

At JFConsult Group, we care about how our solutions look. We care about our ‘packaging’. We care about Excellence. ‘Obstacles‘ is not just the beginning of a solution to the challenges awaiting most women in the western world, it’s the beginning of excellently branded solutions.

On the 18th of November 2017, the acronym ‘problems’ will act as the framework from which excellently branded solutions will be offered.

P – Physical & Mental Wellbeing

R – Radical Innovation

O – Outrageous Beauty Standards

B – Balancing Work and Life

L – Leadership Gap

E – Education

M – Managing Finance

S – Sexual Harassment

It will be an opportunity to share, network, heal, learn, relax, and get up close and personal with the ‘skeleton in the closet’.


Guests Include:

  • Nina Jay (18 years Modelling Experience with L’Oreal, NIKE, ASOS & MAC | Feature Actress: Fast & Furious 6)
  • Chizor Akisanya ( General Manager Jesus House | Lawyer, Poet, Artist)
  • Dr Audrey Tang CPSYCHOL (Member of British Psychological society | Development Coach)
  • Helyn Nosa ( CEO of Lexlun Wealth Protection Ltd | Finance Coach & Commercial Lawyer)
  • Bianca Miller-Cole ( Personal Brand Expert | LinkedIn Power Profile Leader, BBC Apprentice Runner Up 2014 & Published Author)

The day will include Refreshments & Lunch.

There is NO Entry Fee. To be admitted, please refer to our FAQs Below




How can I be admitted to attend?

By answering these three questions:

  • What do you perceive to be the greatest OBSTACLE to achieving your goals?
  • The Steps you have taken to overcome this?
  • What you hope to gain from attending this event?

Please Email your answers to: Events@JFConsultGroup.com

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